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Dear customers, this note clarify we are not part of Gadea Pharmaceutical Group that was recently acquired by AMRI. It should be a minor mistake that some press media took wrong information based on the website of our old partner Gadea. The Gadea website has been updated removing any reference to Cyndea Pharma.

Since September 2014, Infarco, the company made up of 100% Spanish capital, is the parent company of Cyndea Pharma and Laboratorios Cinfa, which is the flagship of the Group and the most widely present laboratory in Spanish households. Furthermore, Infarco is the owner of Laboratorios Cinfa Korea, Cinfa Biotech, holds a majority share in 3P Biopharmaceuticals, and also holds a share in Idén Biotechnology”

Please if you have any question or need any other information contact your Cyndea Pharma staff.

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