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“doing what not just anybody is able to do”
Cyndea Pharma aims to focus its efforts on the development and manufacturing of generic drugs associated with a distinctive complexity, either due to their difficulty to develop pharmaceutically, or due to their handling incompatibility with other types of products (high activity). This complexity can also be due to their technical difficulty or the complex technological installations required for their manufacturing (proper facilities for the handling of hormones). Cyndea Pharma invests in its own products for subsequent licensing to commercializing companies, but also offers its expertise in the development and manufacturing of highly specialised generic drugs to companies that do not have the “know-how” or industrial capabilities needed for handling such products. This is considered to be a way to outsource the development and manufacturing of highly specialised drugs while providing the best guarantee in terms of quality, time and cost.


  • Idea

  • Planning

  • Implementation

  • Improvement

  • Completion

“Licensing-out” of high activity generic medicines

“Contract Manufacturing” high activity medicines

“Tailored-made developments” of high activity medicines:

  • Galenic formulation of oral solids
  • Analytical development
  • Manufacturing and packaging of batches for clinical trials/li>
  • Stability studies
  • Documentation dossier for the pharmaceutical registry

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