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Welcome to Cyndea Pharma 

Cyndea Pharma team is made up of professionally qualified men and women who share the same values and work to fulfill our mission:
  • We provide a comprehensive service which covers a complete cycle, from drug formulation to the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.
  • We provide groundbreaking products and solutions.
  • We develop and manufacture high quality pharmaceuticals.
  • We offer our customers very competitive prices.
  • We meet the highest safety standards and environmental responsibility.

Our Values 


We carry out our activities in a responsible and enthusiastic manner while we enjoy what we do. We are multi-skilled and we show our availability in our workplace, along with the conviction that we are involved in a sound and forward-looking project.


We stand by innovation and follow a systematic planning process as a means of long-term growth, international expansion and brand awareness for our company.


We are committed with sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices. Therefore, we act following a responsible approach to society and we add value for our immediate environment and our customers.


We offer our workers a stable project while serving their expectations of personal growth through conciliatory policies, as well as a management style based on communication, respect and equity.


We stand by business profitability through a determined, yet long-term sustainable strategic planning, without losing sight of the present through the proper management of our resources.


We manufacture high quality products at a competitive prize, providing full adaptability to the requirements of our customers and bringing to them a high degree of satisfaction and confidence.
Infarco, a company made up of 100% Spanish capital, is the parent company of Cyndea Pharma and Laboratorios Cinfa, which is the flagship company of the Group and the laboratory with the greatest presence in Spanish households.  Since its founding 50 years ago, Infarco has grown to establish itself as a corporate group which encompasses several business lines.

Infarco currently employs 1.800 people and commits to reinvestment iin the companies of the group, promoting their development and innovation.

Cyndea activities range from drug development to industrial manufacturing, always under the most stringent and demanding quality and safety standards. This ensures the safe handling of highly specialised products. Cyndea Pharma develops its products to subsequently license them to commercializing pharmaceutical companies. Highly specialised: A term used to refer to potent molecules and active ingredients that have visible effects on the organism, even at low doses. As a rule of thumb, molecules with Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL) ≤ 10 μg/m3 are considered highly specialised molecules. According to the regulations in force, highly specialised molecules require special facilities.


Cyndea Pharma facilities in Ólvega (Soria, Spain) have the latest highly specialised drugs manufacturing technology; it is aimed at delivering excellent professional services and client satisfaction, while we work in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards. Cyndea Pharma is authorized by the health authorities in Spain as a pharmaceutical laboratory and is certified for its compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Quality Control related to pharmaceuticals. We also hold the ANVISA certificate (Agência Nacional de Vigiliância Sanitaria or Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency). The R&D area within Cyndea Pharma is formed by a professional team composed of graduates and PhDs in Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology, enabling us to continuously develop new and highly specialised generic drugs.



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